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In this episode Evelyn and Maddie sit down with Ravi Sharma, an influential name in Australian real estate and a finalist for the REB's Buyer's Agency of The Year (2023) and Rising Star Finalist Award (2023). Ravi, with his down-to-earth wisdom, shares key things to know about buying your first home, investing in properties, and understanding the ins and outs of the Australian property market. Whether you're just starting your home buying journey or you're an old hand at property investing, this episode has something for you! Ravi is founder of SearchProperty, for more check out Hear from from Ravi on his YouTube channel 'Personal Finance with Ravi Sharma' and contact him directly at

In this Q&A episode, our hosts Maddie and Evelyn sit down with Phil Thompson, a seasoned financial planner from Melbourne. The Q&A is centered around a topic that's crucial but often overlooked - personal insurance. Throughout the discussion, they navigate the four cornerstones of personal insurance: life insurance, income protection insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and trauma insurance. With Phil's in-depth knowledge, listeners are offered a deep understanding of the purpose and benefits of each type of insurance. Phil highlights the critical role of sufficient coverage in protecting not just oneself but also loved ones, in terms of financial stability. He also sheds light on key factors one should consider when selecting personal insurance, such as age, health, occupation, dependents, and long-term financial goals. This episode serves as a rich resource for anyone seeking to make well-informed decisions about their personal insurance requirements. Inspired to reevaluate your personal insurance needs? Connect with Phil Thompson and his dedicated team at Skye Financial Services. Website: Instagram: Email:

In this episode, hosts Maddie and Evelyn interview Phil Thompson, a financial planner based in Melbourne, to discuss the importance of personal insurance. They explore the four main types of personal insurance: life insurance, income protection insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and trauma insurance. Phil provides insights into the purpose and benefits of each type, emphasising the significance of adequate coverage to safeguard oneself and loved ones financially. The conversation also covers factors to consider when choosing personal insurance, such as age, health, occupation, dependents, and financial goals. Listeners gain valuable information to make informed decisions about their personal insurance needs. Ready to give your personal insurance the attention it deserves? Connect with Phil Thompson and his dedicated team at Skye Financial Services to review and enhance your coverage. They understand the importance of safeguarding what matters most to you. Website: Instagram: Email:

In this episode, Evelyn and Maddie discussed various policies available for medical professionals to obtain finance, including lenders mortgage insurance waivers, income policies, and self-employed policies. The eligibility criteria for these policies have expanded recently to include a wider range of medical professionals, including those in the healthcare and education industries. Medical professionals may also be eligible for higher lending amounts, up to $5-7 million with some lenders, compared to the usual $3 million lending cap on any one property. Evelyn and Maddie also discuss the benefits of buying a property with a lower deposit and considering the bigger picture for long-term gains.

Do you work in a medical field and are wanting to purchase property? In this Finance Files episode, Maddie takes you through a client’s journey on purchasing their second investment property by using equity from their first, and how working in the medico sector has helped her get there faster. We go through her financial scenario in full, so you can see if this relates to you!

In this episode, Maddie and Evelyn chat with accountant Ash Ross to uncover valuable insights and expert advice on maximising tax benefits, navigating what to claim as a property investor, and optimising your financial strategies. Whether you're a business owner, investor, or simply interested in the intricacies of tax planning, this episode will provide you with actionable tips and clear explanations. We explore a range of key topics related to business tax and investment properties. We dive into strategies for maximising tax benefits, providing practical tips on reducing tax liabilities and identifying deductions. We also delve into the tax implications of investing in real estate properties, covering topics such as rental income, depreciation, and capital gains. Additionally, we discuss different business structures and their impact on tax liabilities, while highlighting common tax pitfalls to avoid. Finally, we emphasise the value of professional advice and conclude with Ash’s best tip for first home buyers and property investors alike!

In this episode, Evelyn and Maddie are joined by our Liberty Business Development Manager Sean Driscoll to delve into the world of non-conforming mortgages, exploring the options available for borrowers who don't fit the traditional lending criteria. We shed light on the intricacies of this often misunderstood sector, helping you understand how these non-bank lenders can be a game-changer for those in unique financial situations. Join us as we discuss the benefits and challenges associated with non-conforming mortgages, from self-employed individuals with irregular income to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit histories. We unravel the criteria that these lenders consider and debunk common myths surrounding this type of financing. Sean shares valuable insights, explaining the different loan options available and some heart-warming stories of clients they’ve helped in sticky situations. We highlight the importance of working with a knowledgeable mortgage broker who can navigate the non-conforming landscape and find the best solutions tailored to individual needs. Tune in to this episode for an in-depth exploration of non-conforming lenders and discover how they can open doors to homeownership that the traditional lenders and big banks may keep closed!

Join Maddie and Evelyn as they answer your questions surrounding your self-employed income and scenarios. We start off talking about how long you can use 2022 financials for servicing or if your profits are trending down. We also go through your options if you’ve transitioned from PAYG into sole trader income and how a bank views this when you apply for a home loan. We also talk about what documents you need to provide for an application what this looks like if your work is contract based, and how tax works being self-employed. We have a few questions that came through surrounding trusts that we briefly touch on. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out through social media, emails or our website and we’d love to help where we can!