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Refinancing your home or investment loans is a fantastic way to obtain a lower interest rate and utilise these savings to your advantage.

It’s also the perfect time to complete a thorough review of your overall facilities and consider if the product and structure are still competitive and appropriate in achieving their purpose towards your goals.

Beyond interest rate alone, you may refinance to release equity for a new purchase, to finance a new car or property renovations, or consolidate your financial arrangements into a simplified, more manageable structure.

Each needs to be treated on its merits: the combination of your existing arrangements, your reason for restructuring, incentives being offered by lenders, and a number of other factors.

That’s where Everlend’s expertise really kicks in. Not only do we understand all of the reasons that make a restructure a good move, but we know which particular lenders and loans can best be tailored to suit your particular purpose.


Keep up the great work!

Thank-you so much Evelyn, for your ever-professional and friendly service. You were always available to offer understandable explanations, and keep the whole process simple. You have saved me so much money through re-financing my mortgage.

Keep up the great work, will be highly recommending you to all!

Annie Head