We Offer You

With so many loans and lenders, finding one that really suits your needs can be quite daunting, even for experienced property buyers.

It’s easy to walk into your existing bank, right? You’ve been there since the Dollarmite days after all! Everlend not only has greater access to a wider range of loans, we have the experience and expertise to narrow these down to just a handful of options, tailored to you.

We’ll help you choose from these options, manage the entire application process, and secure the all-important approval that gives you the green light to buy.

We are also here to guide you through the buying process, as we appreciate it is a new experience! We want to ensure you don’t miss any key steps and understand every aspect in plain English.


A client for life!

This was my first home and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was taking a major risk and with Evelyn by my side, I felt confident in my decisions.

I am only 21, but Evelyn took me and my situation seriously; something I struggle to find in many professional settings.

She made the process so easy. One initial phone call, one email, one confirmation video call, and boom, loan approved. I did ring her 348574 times to ask 92343458 questions, but she happily answered them all, in detail.

She gave me options and spoke me through each one. She also did not just sign me up with the best deal, but also a bank that was going to look after me for the long-term.

And the best part? I did not have to pay a cent.

This may have been my first home but certainly will not be my last, and Evelyn has earned a client for life.

Shannon Willcox