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Deciding when to move on from your current home is an exciting and important moment. It’s natural to spend a significant amount of time researching the right house, size, location and determining your ‘non-negotiables’.

What about time spent researching the best way to fund the purchase? This is what we do day-in, day-out, so we know the questions you’re about to ask next, and we have the answers – or, at least, we always know where to find them.

Is there an option to keep your existing property as an investment? If not, do you need to sell before you buy? If not, can you release some equity for the deposit? What is your actual borrowing capacity in each scenario?

We humbly suggest that there’s far too much to weigh up without some professional guidance.


Thanks for your amazing help.

Evelyn was fantastic to deal with when applying for our new home loan. Evelyn was very helpful, hands on and knowledgeable. She presented us with a range of options to consider and a product that had not only a great interest rate but also the best other features that suited our needs.

Once the loan was in place Evelyn was also very helpful with any questions we had. We were also blown away by the amazing and thoughtful client gift we received.

I would highly recommend Evelyn.

Josh Pennell